Party Wall Surveys

If you are about to, or intend to carry out work to your property, there are certain works which fall under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. You may very well have a Statutory Duty to serve notice on the owners of adjoining properties. 

J Browne Surveys provides Party Wall advice and services in respect of properties across the whole of Kent, including:

  • Advice on the correct Party Wall process

  • Serving Party Wall Notices

  • Acting as your appointed Surveyor

  • Actings as the Agreed Surveyor for both parties (Building Owner and Adjoining Owner)

  • Preparing a Schedule of Condition

  • Legally agree Party Wall Awards (or as they are commonly referred to: 'Party Wall Agreements')


The Party Wall 'Test'


Do you intend to carry out work which involves...

Work on an existing wall, ceiling or floor structure shared with another property?


Building on or at the boundary with another property?


Excavating near a neighbouring building or structure?



It's a good idea to serve notice before you make a Planning Application or your neighbours may be notified by other surveyors encouraging them to dissent and appoint them as their advisers.


James Browne BSc (Hons), CIOB, AssocRICS, MFPWS

If so, you must find out whether the work falls within the scope of the Act, and if it does, you must serve the statutory notice on all those defined in the act as 'adjoining owners'.

Glossary of terms


Don't be dismayed by the jargon. We provide further explanations of common terms found thoughout the Party Wall process.