Party Wall Fees

Our fee structure is as straightforward as possible; fees depend on the type of works proposed and the neighbours' response to the Notice.

Fees are payable in full upon delivery of the signed Party Wall Awards or Agreements (even if a subsequent final inspection is included).

Note: If you use the Government's Standards Party Wall Notices contained in the Government's Explanatory Booklet and the neighbours consent to the work without a survey being required, then there is absolutely no cost to you.


Our Party Wall Service

Our Party Wall Service begins with serving Notices. Subsequent services may depend on your Neighbours' Response.


This web page outlines the process, however we also have a printable information sheet that summarises the process and our fees in a four-page pdf.

'Bespoke' Notice

We combine all necessary notices required into a single notice for each adjoining owner.

£75 plus VAT and disbursements for each Notice served.


We will:

  • prepare and serve a professional and bespoke notice(s) to your neighbour(s) by 1st Class Post together with a stamped reply envelope (unless you choose to hand deliver).

  • perform Land Registry search to verify your neighbour(s) identity and address and write to letting agents when required.

  • annotate your designer’s drawings to ensure the notice is valid and for clarity. (The Party Wall Act only requires the Notice of Excavation to be accompanied by an explanatory drawing)

  • provide explanatory notes where required

  • provide an Acknowledgement / Form of Consent

  • provide a follow-up “Ten Day Notices” if required

  • Notices can omit or include the offer of a Schedule of Condition (we recommend a Schedule of Condition, see costs below)